Monday, April 20, 2009

420. Myths. Rumors. How I feel..

ok. ok. ok. ok.. its April 20th national day to get high for everyone not just us stoners. if you are getting blitzed with your closest friends or getting piffed out by your lonesome. make sure your not smokin those nasty dirty ass regs. smoke some shit like in the picture i posted above. personally yours truly is rendered useless by the Honorable Judge Mery. i have 2 and half months to go until probation is finished. so since I dont have legal right to smoke somethin bitch. i'm gonna break you off with some Info on the origin and myths of 420!

1. 420 is not a dispatch code for the fucking pigs!

2. it is said that musicians Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix died on this day. thats not true either..

3. they also say that 4/20 is the perfect day to plant your dank. you and I both know thats bullshit.

4. In the movie Pulp Fiction it is said that all the Clocks in the movie were set to 4/20. i've seen that movie a million times and never noticed it..

5. a truth I was able to dig up was Albert Hoffmann took his first Acid Trip on this day even though his lab books said 4/16.. i dont know why dont ask.

6. 420 was really just a time a bunch stoners at a California high school set when after school detention ended they would smoke a lil bud under a statue of Louis Pasteur.

this is the only day i wouldnt mind breaking my commitments just to spliff out on a 8th of Sour Diesel. enjoy reading these rumors, myths, and facts. if you dont believe what your reading then google it bitch!

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